Client/server network communication library using non-blocking I/O. Also a simple HTTP client/server - so far just a proof of concept. Written in standard C++.

The way the library is implemented makes it suitable for socket clients and servers who treat requests and responses from one connection, e.g. server receives request, constructs response, sends response, or client sends request, waits for the response, then sends another one.

Windowing is also possible and simple to implement, there's an example in perf dir.

The library is also suitable for proxy type of communication, e.g. read data from a connection, send it to another connection. See the example in sample directory.

The library now has support for signals / slots using the libsigc++ version 2.0. Samples are available.


Tested on GNU/Linux using GCC 4.7 (previously 4.[234]), Solaris 9 using Sun C++ 5.8 2005/10/13.


Download the latest release here.
Docs can be found here.
Project home page at SourceForge.
The latest sources are always found in the Subversion repository.
The latest changelog.


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