nnl::Netman::Impl Struct Reference

Netman private implementation. More...

#include <netman_private.hh>

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

void Reinit ()
 Reinitialize members.
void DoCallBacks ()
 Call callbacks.

Public Attributes

ActiveBackup< ConnectionsmConnections
 2 instances of connections
AbsMsecTime mMinStopTime
 min stop time for poll() operation (absolute time)

Static Public Attributes

static const AbsMsecTime MIN_TIME_UNINITIALIZED = std::numeric_limits<AbsMsecTime>::max()
 value uninitialized
static const AbsMsecTime MIN_TIME_IMMEDIATE = 0
 value 0 so poll() won't block

Detailed Description

Netman private implementation.

Member Function Documentation

void nnl::Netman::Impl::DoCallBacks (  )  [inline]

Call callbacks.

Callbacks are set by the sockets which managed to send their data immediately, without using poll(). Now they are only notified.

void nnl::Netman::Impl::Reinit (  )  [inline]

Reinitialize members.

Called from Netman when all events are served.

It traverses the connection container for all the elements remaining. These elements did not have an event but did not time out yet so we need to serve them again.

We need to copy them to mPollFds so the order of mPollFds and mConnections remain the same (and we don't have to use map<> or similar container).

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